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United States
Current Residence: Florida
Favourite genre of music: It varies.
Favourite style of art: Anime/Cartooning, painting, crafting.
Favourite cartoon character: Hello Kitty
Personal Quote: Rawr >:U
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Hello! I'm HopeDiamond101 and welcome to my journal! 




Hey guys, Hope here. I apologize for not being here and not posting much of my artwork. Let's just is in the way constantly, and I feel like I am losing my artistic abilities. I need to find a way to get back in the groove and draw again. I miss it so much. ;~; Anyway, nothing much is going on with me except I came back from Disney World with :iconmustangfiregirl:. It. Was. AWESOME!!! Hopefully next time we can go with the rest of our buddies. >w< I will try to post up artwork on here but we shall see. 

See ya! :peace:


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Mobis-New-Nest Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Artist

While doing the dishes in the kitchen you are suddenly interrupted by a pounding at the door. You dry your hands and the pounding at your door continues but this time much louder. “Ok ok I’m coming geez, cool your jets” you mutter, annoyed by the infernal pounding at your door and the impatient mystery guest. You answer it to find a tall, muscular Caucasian man looking down at you. He was bald with blue eyes and goatee. He wore black tight t-shirt that had a picture of big white skull with black eye sockets and red pupils in the center. Under it, it read ‘Austin 3:16’. “Hey Turd, you fave a piece at Mobis-New-Nest?” he asks as he glares you down with a serious look on his face. You half smile while looking up and reply “Yes I suppose I did”. “But you didn’t comment did you?” the bald man said. “Um I’m sorry but I didn’t” You reply blushing as you feel embarrassed for not doing so. “Congratulations asshole, your day is about to get a hell of a lot worse” said the bald man. “I don’t under…” before you could finish your sentence the bald man grabs your head and holds it with one hand behind your head; the bald man turns his body and takes your head upon his shoulder and drops his body down with such full force the impact stuns your head and you fall back in pain. The bald man gets up and looks down at you on the floor as you cover your head in pain “Thanks for the fave but next time you better comment or I’m gonna come back here and open me another can of whoop-ass and THAT’S THE BOTTOM LINE CAUSE STONE COLD SAYS SO!” said the bald man and with that he leaves in pain, clutching your head as the tears stream from eyes as you curse the day you ever faved a piece at Mobis-New-Nest. 

HopeDiamond101 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student General Artist
OMG! XDDDDD One of my favorite wrestlers pwned me! XD;;;; Ok, next time I'll comment so I won't get hurt again. @.@
HyperGirl95 Featured By Owner Edited 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for the Added to my devWatch!  :hug:
HopeDiamond101 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student General Artist
Your welcome! ^^ :hug:
Mobis-New-Nest Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2014  Hobbyist Artist

While reorganizing your closet one evening you are interrupted by your doorbell ringing. As you proceed to answer the door you’re annoyed at the ringing because of how many times your unknown guest keeps pressing the button for the doorbell. You open the door and before you stand to individuals. One was Caucasian with brown hair, braces and wore a black t-shirt with letters AC that was spaced with a lightening logo and then followed by the letters DC. The other was Caucasian as well with blond hair and wore dark blue shirt with the words METALLICA written on front. The one with the METALLICA shirt continued to ring your door bell. “I’m here now so you can stop ringing that” you say calmly as you waive his hand away from the doorbell. “Huhuhuhuhuhhuh DING DONG! Hey Butt-Head you wanna know what would be cool, if it like went DING DONG THE BITCH IS DEAD Huhuhuhuhuhhuh like that wizard of Ozzy movie Huhuhuhuhuhhuh” said the blond haired guy “Hehehehehehe It’s wizard of Oz numb nuts Heheheheheheh” replied the Butt-Head “Oh yeah Huhuhuhuhuhhuh” replied the blond haired guy. “Can I help you guys” you say annoyed by their immature conversation. “Hey Beavis what did Mobis say we gotta do again? Huhuhuhuhuhhuh” said Butt-Head. Suddenly Beavis takes his shift collar and brings it up over his ears until it covers up to his forehead, just leaving his face showing then shouts “I AM THE GREAT CORNHOLIO, I THANK YO FOR THE FAVO AND I NEED TP FOR MY BUNGHOLE! Huhuhuhuhuhhuh” yelled Beavis. At this point you’re annoyed and about to rage “That was cool Hehehehehehe, so can you like let us in and give us food? We’re your guests Hehehehehehe” asked Butt-Head. “Ok, we’re done here” you reply as you’re frustrated and slam the door in their faces. “Aw man that sucked Huhuhuhuhuhhuh” said Beavis “Hehehehehehe Hey Beavis, wanna pee on the doorbell? Hehehehehehe” asked Butt-Head. “YEAH! YEAH! Huhuhuhuhuhhu” said Beavis.

HopeDiamond101 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2014  Student General Artist
My god. XD I love your replies.
Mobis-New-Nest Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Trust me, I've got many more where those came from.
HopeDiamond101 Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2014  Student General Artist
OppositeCosplay Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014
Thank you so much for the  :+fav: on

Even Super Speedsters Need a Nap by OppositeCosplay  

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HopeDiamond101 Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2014  Student General Artist
Awesome! And your welcome! ^^
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